Watercolour Bird Pattern Repeat...

I had developed a pattern, from the birds I had designed for the Global Talent Search 2015 final.

At the time I didn't have an A3 printer and had not printed it out onto paper, before sending it to Spoonflower. When I received the fat quarter I realised that the scale was much smaller than I had thought. 

I now realise the importance of printing out a design on paper before sending it to be printed on fabric. It looks so very different on screen and I find the scale is quite hard to judge, especially in photoshop.

Here is the art file of the bird pattern...

watercolour birds

and here is the design printed on fabric.

It's too small in scale and the design is too busy for what I had in mind... I am going to make it bigger, take out some elements and mix it with a chevron stripe co-ord.

Hopefully 2nd time around I will prefer it :)

bird cushion