My 1st watercolour class for about 8 years...

I really enjoy painting, but I always feel the fear and procrastinate when I do it.

I used to go to a watercolour class with a really talented artist Fran McGarry when I lived in Bristol about 8 years ago, and then I moved up North for my job.

Now I am back home (between Bristol and Bath) I am going to try and go to Fran's classes every tuesday morning, to build up my confidence. The great thing about the class, is I end up painting something that is totally different to my normal style.

If you live in the Bristol area and fancy a spot of watercolour painting Fran's Facebook page is here

I enjoyed this morning…Thanks Fran :)

Here is my painting... I will blog about it, so I can see how and if I improve.


art class 1