Oooops I have neglected my blog...

It is my new years resolution to update my blog regularly and even though it is now March and I have failed dismally, I am starting afresh from today.

I was so disappointed at not being picked as one of Lilla's artist's in the final of the global talent search 2015... but that's life. It took a week or so to get over the disappointment and then I had to pick myself up and start growing and promoting my design business again.

I do find it hard to promote myself, it is difficult putting my work out there and also finding the time to do personal work as well as paid work. I heard someone in the business say that you need to spend about 25% of your time marketing yourself and that is what I am going to try to do from today. Here goes ! 

Here are some of the home decor products I designed for the final of the global talent search 2015.